Day: November 12, 2016

Favorite Hot Sauces


The popularity of hot sauces is fairly evident with new creations on the shelves every year. In the race to grow the hottest possible pepper, heat gourmands keep churning out new and amazingly hot sauce preparations. We’ve sampled quite a few of them and while some are just okay, there are others that really hit the spot with the heat that is so desirable and the flavor that adds character to your foods. We thought it might be helpful to provide you with a list of some of our favorite hot sauces along with a brief editorial on them in case you’re interested in trying something new.

  • Jalapeno El Yucateco

This sauce is good if you’re starting out on the experimentation side of hot sauce. It has a remarkably bright flavor with a bit of heat intensity that you feel over the entire area of the tongue. The Jalapeno base gives it a great kick but it doesn’t qualify as a super hot. This one was worth mentioning as a milder version of heat, but don’t be fooled, if you haven’t yet built a tolerance it could give you a kick.

  • CaJohn’s fiery Happy Beaver

This hot sauce has a lot to offer for intermediates. If you enjoy a sweet flavor, it delivers but watch out for the heat that kicks in quickly. You’ll enjoy a full-bodied and long lasting burn with Happy Beaver.

  • Darth Sambal

We’re graduating past beginner level with Darth Sambal. It originates in Indonesia and it features Cayenne, Red Jalapeno, and Aleppo, but here comes the heat warning. Darth could be considered evil because of the infusion of the deadly Ghost Pepper. It delivers a heat wave that lands firmly in the upper range. It’s packed with flavor and all of the heat you’ll really need

  • The Machine Screaming Hot Wing Sauce

We’ve arrived at one of the hottest sauces that is a personal favorite because of the combination of peppers that give it an amazing flavor and fire starting heat. This amazing concoction is made with Chocolate Ghost peppers, Smoked Habaneros, Seven Pot Doughlah and the Scoville screamer, Trinidad Scorpion peppers. While it’s popular for use with hot wings for the more daring crowd, it can be used on anything. It features a creamy red pepper texture, although you won’t be thinking about the texture for long. This hot sauce is our pick for those who have built up somewhat of a tolerance or perhaps have a leather tongue. It delivers the flavor and heat in high volumes so use with care.

We could go on for quite a while, but this is a good start on our contributions for great hot sauces to try. Although it’s fun to experiment in your own kitchen, these fine manufacturers have taken the prep work dangers on their own shoulders and delivered some fine hot sauces that we think are noteworthy.