Day: December 12, 2016

Spicy Dinner Party

Throwing a spicy dinner party can be a lot of fun and when your guests are fully on board, it can lead to new records in the heat tolerance competition. While you may have guests with a variety of tolerance levels, it is easy to prepare spicy dishes that offer several different heat levels on the Scoville Scale. We want to share our ideas for putting together a successful spicy dinner party that everyone will be talking about for years to come.


To get your party rolling, it’s fun to set out an array of tasty appetizers with graduating heat levels. In order to accommodate everyone there, the use of sauces and dips for standard appetizers is a good way to approach the situation. We recommend that you provide some type of labeling system that lets people know what they are in for when they make their choices. Here are some examples to get you started.

  • Chicken Wings

A moderately spicy platter of buffalo chicken wings is a great appetizer to start out with. We like to offer blue cheese dip as an alternative for those who have lower tolerance levels and move up the scale with more intense dips that reach the super hot stage of producing instant fire on the tongue.

  • Kebabs

Kebabs are another great appetizer that will let your guests have the choice of how badly they want to burn. The kebabs are put together the day before and they can be of any configuration that you prefer including fruits, veggies or pure meat offerings. They are marinated overnight in the sauce of your choice. This allows for a variety of heat increments, just make sure that you keep track of which ones will scream with spice over the others.

  • Queso tasting plates

Queso dip and chips that feature mild to extreme heat are also good appetizer choices. You can add a variety of chips, veggies, and fruits for great versatility and this option is a real people pleaser.

Main Dish

You have quite a few choices for the main dish at your disposal. If it’s a competition to see who can endure the hottest chili, then have cornbread, real butter and plenty of dairies on hand. If you’re preparing South of the Border Dishes, a variety of Enchilada dishes featuring beef and chicken preparations with both red sauce and white sauce can add variety and different heat levels. You can also add side dishes of rice and beans with no heat or extreme spice to complement the main dish offering. A green salad is a good choice for helping to alleviate some discomfort for overindulgent participants.


You may want to offer a more docile dessert selection for guests who have hit their limit and need a refreshing break and palate cleanse. Dairy-rich desserts including Sherbets, Ice Cream, Cheesecakes, Flans and Custards are excellent choices that can help you to have a fully rounded spicy dinner party.