Day: June 16, 2017

Refreshing with Filtered Water

Welcome spice enthusiasts to our blog. We are committed to discussing our favorite foods that have zing and zest. If it doesn’t have tang, it doesn’t get made in our house. We have shelves full of dried chili peppers of every kind from poplano and Fresno to paprika, Anaheim, and ancho varieties. I could go on and on about the distinctive characteristics of each. I could do better than that and offer five or ten recipes. If you love chili, stay with me through the year and tell me your preferences. I will dig up some unique information to help you extend your palate and carry it to new heights. At the very least, you should have jalapenos on hand all the type.

When I serve a meal laden with spices and hot flavors, I separate each course with a palate cleanser such as sorbet or apple slices. I wait just a few minutes, however, so guests can savor a dish before moving on. After the cleansing, they are ready for a new course. And so it goes throughout the evening. There is an art to making hot, spicy dishes without burning people’s tongues. I like to test how far I can go. Some people like ten alarm chili and others two or three. If it isn’t rated over five, to me it isn’t worth eating. You should stock a number of dried spices as well as some fresh. You can learn how to remove the seeds, the hottest part of the chili, and prepare the vegetable properly for cooking.

Some cuisine like Thai or Indian is super hot and spicy by nature and you better have a glass of milk by your plate. I used to think that water would take care of too much fire, but it is not so. I even resorted to filtered water to cool my mouth down after indulging in these traditions. While clean and pure water is nice to have, right from your own tap, it is something to be imbibed for other reasons. It won’t calm down your taste buds on its own. Nevertheless, if you want a nice frosty glass, I will serve you one. I have my own whole house water filtration system and so you won’t get your own plastic bottle of Evian – but it will be just as tasty and served in a nice glass that you’ll want to post on Twitter.

I believe in filtered water for health reasons and I use it for cooking to get a pure flavor, completely chemical free. I hate the lingering taste of impurities like chlorine that are prevalent in many areas. Unless you boil the water, these elements stays with your food. Sure, I could buy the jumbo size bottles of mountain spring water, but it is far more economical to install a special purification system. I usually put a glass pitcher of ice water on the table no matter what I serve. People are coming to expect my self-produced filtered water and they enjoy the fact that I make coffee and tea with it. It is one of the secrets of great cooks I am told.