Great Party Yesterday

When you entertain, sometimes you must be imaginative. People come to expect a great time when you do it often enough. I have a reputation to uphold! But, there are always last minute problems that have to be solved. You use what you have at hand. Let’s say you are having a kid’s party and the decorations you ordered haven’t arrived by mail. You go into quick thinking mode and ask friends and neighbors to come and hang some old crepe paper and cute cartoon figures (cut out of comic books) on the walls. You might be having a barbecue and the new grill is defective. You rally and use the one in your kitchen. On the other hand, here is another scenario. You run out of room at an outdoor party and need a makeshift buffet table for all the food you have whipped up. Not everyone can run to the rental depot and stash a foldup table in the back seat of their car.

In this unique situation, I remember that my neighbor had been bragging about his home woodworking shop and had shown me his saw horses. I now knew what to do. I called him in a flash and before I knew it, a pair of sturdy saw horses was being carried to my yard. Behind them, his two teenagers were balancing a piece of plywood to put over the sawhorses. Imagine that. I never associated such things doing double duty as furniture. All I needed was a nice, colorful table cloth to complete the buffet table for guests.

The party was a great success and I got many compliments. It was mostly on the ambience and the food. It was a beautiful balmy night. We sat around relaxing in my garden chairs, sipping cold white wine. No one had an inkling about the sawhorses as they were covered up. Thus, I didn’t get any special extra credit for ingenuity. My neighbor, however, finally passed the word, garnering accolades for me of a different kind. In actuality, the sawhorses saved the day. Most people with a bent for woodworking have maybe one, but who has two? They take up valuable space in your garage or shed. I am grateful to my neighbor for showing me his work area a while back. Let this be a good lesson for you to take opportunities when they come. This doesn’t mean buying two sawhorses in anticipation of a garden part gone wrong. It is unlikely to happen. I am one of those rare birds whose parties often require last-minute adjustments.

It is always party time at my house as I like to cook and share good times with friends. You can bet that sooner or later I will need a buffet table once again. Sure, I can rent or buy a fold up version, but I love the sawhorses. They are inanimate wood objects that come to life in a pinch.