Spicy Food, Good Friends, Great Beer

If you like spicy, hot food, you have come to the right blog. Sometimes we will give you cooking tips and tricks and others we will go the recipe sharing route. Today is a little different. We want to talk about how to entertain people who crave flavor and spice. Not everyone is of this persuasion. One way to please all palates is to have a backyard cookout. This way you can add salt, pepper, chili powder, garlic, lemon juice, or sriracha sauce to the fare according to individual taste. We put it all out and as the meat, ribs, chicken, or fish cook, people can go to it as they see fit. It is a lot of fun and everyone ends up happy. We have done this many times with great success. Hand out some funny aprons to add to the fun and get it shared on Facebook.

One of the variables at our cookout is the type of beverage offered. You can do lemonade, iced tea, soft drinks, or punch. The last time we invited guests, we asked a friend to bring a keg of beer. He informed us that a half keg would be enough and we had to accept this counsel since we had no idea how many beers you can get out of either size. He makes his own beer and we were excited to try it. It would be a great novelty. Most people I know drink beer and have their preferred brands. This time they would have a new experience. Anything out of the ordinary is an entertaining must.

When the party was going full force and everyone had their turn as chef at the grill, we thought we would have a little fun. We inaugurated a silly contest asking each attendee to guess how many people could be served from a half keg of beer. It was sitting right in front of them. The winner gets his or her own quarter keg to take home. My beer-making friend is quite generous! The answer is 165 can or bottle equivalents. People were so off the mark at 50, 80, or 200. We did have someone close enough at 160 which we knew was a totally wild guess. It was a fun game and I suggest you try it as the party is dying down. It livens things up and gets people drinking more beer!

So much for party tips and how to introduce spicy food to your crowd. With my friends, they expect it so they know what I am likely to serve. A cookout is a bit different and I eliminated my usual tasty and exotic casseroles. Spicy food can come in any form and it doesn’t have to be intense. Come back soon and find out the vast range of options that are available for a sophisticated palate. We will teach you about ten types of chilis so you can go beyond jalapeno and fresno. There are tons more.