Tailgating Food!

It is tailgating time so get ready! I love football season for many reasons. It is a wonderful time of year when the fall leaves appear in their glorious array of orange and brown colors. The holidays are coming down the road. The air grows cool at night, perfect for wearing your team sweatshirt or knitted scarf to the game. Diehards don’t go into the stadium without first enjoying a tailgate party from the back of their vans. I want to throw one in the yard at home since I want to invite lots of my Facebook friends. There wouldn’t be enough room to spread out the food from the trunk of my car. There are certain traditions that have to be upheld. You serve grilled food like hotdogs and hamburgers and have a cooler full of soda and beer. Forget wine. It is too refined. Football is a rough and tumble sport that appeals to the average Joe because of the action and athletic prowess. When the quarterback throws a fifty yard pass and it is caught, the crowd roars. Every touchdown is a cause for celebration—if it is your team. I suspect there is a bit of love of speed and violence involved, more so in the pros than the college circuit. First and foremost, the game is exciting as you watch your team march down the field to the goal zone ten yards at a time. It is as far from soccer as you can get.

As a spice lover, I want to doctor up the dogs or at least lace the catsup with something exciting like chili powder or garlic. If you are brave enough to add Indian flavors, you will get a real jolt in your mouth. I would do this whether I was cooking in the parking lot of the stadium or preparing a meal at home. I love the surprise of experimenting with spices. I am known for this among friends so they even expect something like paprika or onion salt on their fries. I have a whole bunch of people coming from adults to kids. It is the best fall party of them all except for Halloween, but that is months away.

Tailgating is the ultimate sports lover social experience. You argue about teams and the decisions of the refs. You remember the famous “hail Mary” plays and your favorite games from long ago. You still know the stats for the top players and who won the Heisman Trophy from the beginning. A game that changes direction in the last five seconds is awesome and it happens all the time—even the last two seconds. I could rattle off a list if I had more space, but if you want some tips then read this: https://www.outdoorlightandsound.com/throw-perfect-tailgate-party-home/. That would be the topic of an entirely different blog. I usually talk about food.

Football food is great and they say that nothing beats the dogs in the stadium. They have gotten fancy now with grilled chicken and other treats. Ice cream is always there even though this is not baseball. Fans get hungry.